Our Story

Our Story

An endless closet at your fingertips

Founded in 2018, I created Our Closet to give the women of the UK the chance to jump onboard the circular fashion lifestyle which is super popular with the babes of Australia.

Before relocating to London I was running a successful online dress rental business in Perth, Australia renting out the gorgeous designer pieces I had collected over the years, often from overseas.

A bunch of my girlfriends gave me their precious pieces to rent out on their behalf too, but this was always a bit of a pain in my butt as they would often want them back at the last minute to wear out that night.

I decided to create a platform where they could lend out their own pieces in a safe and secure way while still being able to wear them themselves whenever they wanted.

Our Closet is a way for women to make some money back from their purchases. Pieces rent for roughly 20% of the purchase price, rent them out 5 times, you’ve made your money back. Rent them 6, you’re making money!!

Our Closet gives women the chance to rent a gorgeous designer piece for a fraction of the retail price, because let’s be honest, once we have that one perfect pic in a killer outfit for Insta, we can’t wear it again!

I wanted to make the process as safe as possible, so every borrower must provide photo ID and proof of address when signing up, we offer insurance and our payment gateway allows us to automatically charge the borrowers card late fees, damage fees or god forbid, non return fees.

At the end of the day, I want us all to cut down on the fast fashion we’re buying then throwing away which is going straight to landfill. I want women, before they buy a new outfit, to think:

- will I wear this again?
- would someone else want to wear this?
- for this price, could I rent something from my favourite luxury designer instead?

I hope you love lending and borrowing your designer pieces as much as I do.

Rosie xx

Rosie de Malmanche
Customer reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is such a great idea. I’ve rented out one of my gowns already, the money was automatically transferred into my account and I got my dress back in perfect condition. I’m listing all my designer clothes for rent now!

Eleonora C.

Such a fantastic concept – I find myself wearing outfits only once or twice and then needing something new to wear so this is such a great idea! The outfits are amazing too!!

Lilly Douse – The Bachelor UK 2019 Contestant

Amazing Service! I was in the UK for a friends wedding in Brighton and decided to look for dress rentals instead of purchasing a new dress for this event. Using Our Closet saved me a lot of money as I rented both a dress and a handbag. It also saved me a heap of time as I did not need to go shopping or arrange suitable packaging etc to bring a dress with me. Highly recommend this service.

Susan M

I borrowed a Burberry trench through Our Closet. It was delivered straight to my door and well ahead of the day I needed it. It fit perfectly and was so easy to send back. Our Closet is such an easy way to change up my wardrobe without spending a fortune!
So happy!

Chanel P

I rented out my Fendi scarf through Our Closet. I was a little nervous at first so I opted in for insurance. It came back on time and in perfect condition and the money was in my account really quickly. I’m looking forward to renting out more of my things!

Brianna T

I rented a dress from Our Closet and I couldn’t have been happier. The dress was in perfect condition and it fit great also. I would definitely recommend Our Closet to all my friends as it is an easy and fabulous way to get a brand new outfit for an event. Definitely will be hiring off Our Closet again!

Alex K

These dresses are legit gorgeous! Once my baby is out and I get my figure back I know exactly which ones I wanna hire. Rosie is also an exceptional human being definitely takes care of her clients.

Lalaine M

Thank you so much Our Closet, I absolutely loved the Camilla frocks I hired last minute for my trip to Dubai! My outfits arrived a day earlier than expected, perfectly packaged and ready for me to pop in my suitcase. Thanks again, I’d highly recommend Our Closet to anyone who is looking for a little something special x

Coleen W

I highly recommend Our Closet and they are my #1 business of choice for dress hire. I recently hired the Asilio prisoner queen dress which arrived in beautiful condition and was perfect for my event. I was also super impressed by the level of customer service shown by Rosie. I had the dress posted to my hotel and Rosie went over and above to ensure the dress was delivered on time (I had booked last minute!) She even phoned the hotel to give them notice the package would be arriving and gave me updates from Australia Post, so helpful and much appreciated. Thanks Our Closet, 5/5 stars for the beautiful dress and amazing service!

Kelly S

Thank you so much for a beautiful jumpsuit! Would definitely recommend these guys xx

Erika M

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