Mastering the Art of Dressing for a Zoom Call

What is the biggest trend to emerge from the lockdown period? Is it making enough banana bread to feed a small village? Having an existential crisis over whether you are too old for Tik Tok? Or, is it trying to replicate every aspect of your “normal” life through Zoom calls? — For me, it is certainly the latter. Whether it…

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To Dress or Not to Dress: 8 Tips to Stay Stylish During Lockdown

If it’s 9 am on a weekday in lockdown and you’re toying with the stains on your pyjama top, continue reading this, (and maybe get changed.) Since COVID-19 abruptly grounded us all, it seems as though some of us have abandoned our aptitude for style. But not to fear; Our Closet is here! We’ve collated eight tips for all of…

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5 Signs That You Should Rent Out Your Wardrobe

    When I moved into my last apartment, I decided to categorise all my clothes by the different occasions I would wear them at. It took me three days. The first time my Mum came to visit she was appalled. ‘You have so many clothes’, she constantly said. ‘You could run your own thrift shop out of your bedroom…

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How to Rent A Dress Online  

Ok everyone, hands up: who has bought a dress that they have only worn once?   All of us? I thought so.   I have to admit that I am exceptionally guilty of this. From the elegant, white, embroidered gown I bought especially for my graduation ceremony, to the many little black dresses I’ve purchased in a pre-night out outfit…

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Rosie – Saving the planet (and your bank balance) with sustainable luxury

This week’s blog post is reposted from Lawful London SHARESHARE ON FACEBOOKTWEETTWEET ON TWITTERPIN ITPIN ON PINTEREST Fashion is the second most polluting industry globally due to air, water and solid waste pollution caused by textile consumption. In an attempt to reduce waste, preserve our planet and empower women through monetising their wardrobe, peer-to-peer marketplace, Our Closet introduces a sustainable alternative to…

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How I Started the AirBNB of Fashion

This week’s blog post is a repost from How I Started Please introduce yourself and share with us – what business did you start? I’m Rosie, and I’m the founder of Our Closet, the UK’s first online P2P clothing and accessories rental marketplace. I’m originally from New Zealand but after living in Asia for a number of years I settled…

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@everyfootprint shares her story

My phone lights up with a notification, an invite to my friends 21st, hen do, black tie dinner, wedding, etc. What to wear? Something new, fresh, exciting? Previously, I would have then gone “I’ll check out ASOS”.   After endlessly scrolling through these fast fashion giants for hours on end, trying to find the perfect outfit for an upcoming occasion,…

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Introducing: Urbancode London

Wearing fur is not considered fashionable anymore… But nothing is more fabulous and chic than faux fur! Urbancode London launched with its line of women’s accessories in 2008, from its London based design house. The brand has evolved to include womenswear with an emphasis on faux fur and outerwear. The design team have achieved critical acclaim for its ability to…

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Introducing: Dressarte Paris

Nothing is more frustrating than dressing up, spending so much time getting ready for a special event to then realize you are wearing almost the same outfit as everyone else. If not exactly the same… I bet, every each of us has been in this awkward situation. Well, you shouldn’t! Dressarte Paris offers you a new innovative approach to fashion.…

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Introducing Elizabeth Grace Couture

We believe that the wedding gown should live BEYOND the wedding day. Every design in our collection is designed to be Restyled, Reworn or Retailored, so our brides can wear a piece of their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Established in 2015 by founder and designer, Elizabeth Grace, the brand was created after Elizabeth’s own struggles as a bride…

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