Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Our Closet have a physical store?

No, not yet but we hope to soon.

Can I book an item in advance?

Yes, you can book an item up to 6 months in advance. We recommend you reserve your item at least 2 days before your event to avoid any last-minute panics and to make sure everything’s perfect. Once your requested delivery date has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Will garments need to be pressed upon arrival?

Your garment should arrive wrinkle-free. It should have been steamed and pressed before being packaged. If you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat, hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower or contact us for advice.

Can I keep or purchase an item?

Please discuss this with the Lender prior to the time it needs to be returned. We can help facilitate a sale if the Lender agrees.

Can I request and item or designer not listed on your site?

If a particular item or designer is not on our site, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. We are always on the lookout for beautiful new pieces for our customers.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged at the time you make your reservation.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order without any penalty prior to the order being accepted by the lender or within 48hrs of submitting the request.

Outside of this timeframe if you cancel a request (which has been approved by the Lender) you shall not receive a refund of the amounts otherwise charged (including both Rental Fee and Borrower Commission).

When will I receive my refund if I cancel the order?

Generally within three working days depending on banking timeframes.

How are my items delivered?

The Lender must ensure the item Is delivered to the Borrower prior to the beginning of the rental period via a suitable means of delivery. They must provide tracking information to the Borrower. Due to the nature of the items available for rent, a signature must be required on delivery.

What happens if my item doesn’t arrive in time?

Contact the lender and us immediately and we will arrange a refund.

What if my item doesn’t fit?

As long as the dress matches the description we will be unable to refund any amounts paid.

What if I am having trouble with the zipper?

Because some items undergo constant dry-cleaning, the zipper may become a bit tough to zip. If this happens, try using a bar of solid soap or a solid candle on the track, which may help you zip your dress with more ease.

Can I tailor my dress?

No, we do not allow alterations on any of our items. If need be, you can temporarily “hem” your dress with Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape Strips, provided you remove it prior to sending it back.

How do I return my dress?

Simply repack your dress in the pre-addressed post bag/box that arrives with it and follow the sending instructions for the appropriate courier company.

Do I need to dry-clean my dress?

This is up to the lender you rent from but many lenders will include the cost of dry-cleaning in your rental fee so no need to clean just send it back.

What if I accidentally damage the dress?

All lenders and borrowers understand that accidents do happen. You need to contact the lender immediately in order to work out a resolution. You will be charged for the cost of repair and any disputes will be handled through Our Closet’s dispute mediation process.

Why am I asked to complete a review?

Our Closet is all about trust. We encourage all lenders and borrowers to fill out a review after every booking to build trust in each other. Our community relies on honest and reliable reviews. Any reviews which are found to violate our Review Policy will be removed.

Can I rent or lend if I am under 18?

You will need a parent or guardian to rent or lend on your behalf. All liability will be accepted by them.

What if a lender asks me to pay them directly outside of Our Closet’s site?

Our Closet is designed to give you a reliable and secure online system. By going outside of this system we can no longer guarantee your security or transaction. It is a violation of Our Closet’s terms and conditions to transact outside of our site. If someone asks you to pay offline or directly, please report this and we will investigate. By enabling us oversight of all transactions we are able to guarantee the experience.

How long is a rental period?

This depends on the lender. The most common rental periods are 4 or 8 day reservations. We recommend you book your order to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get the perfect look. If you want a dress for longer send the lender a message and ask them.


How much does it cost to list?

List your designer items for free! You will only be charged a service fee once you accept a request from a Borrower. Our Closet’s service fee is £5 + 15% of the rental fee. Please see our Terms of Service for more information on fees.

How much should I advertise my dress for?

The Rental Price of your designer item is completely up to you. We suggest you take into account the condition of the item and the age of the item when determining the rental fee. Sometimes Lenders may also browse other comparable listings, to get an idea of market rental price for specific items. Generally if an item is in ‘as new’ condition the usual rate is approximately 25% of the recommended retail price.

What do I do if a designer is missing from the list?

If your designer brands is not on the list – let us know ( just choose ‘other’ in the meantime).

Do I need a profile picture?

Yes, It doesn’t need to be an image of yourself, but need to have a picture in there.

What photos should I upload?

– The following photos are acceptable:

o Photos of you wearing the dress at an event
o Clean, well lit photos
o Professional photos

– The following photos are unacceptable:

o Photos with multiple people in it. This is confusing for Borrowers to know which dress is actually available
o Photos of your dress on a coat hanger, floor, rack etc.
o Photos of the same dress but in a different colour
o Photos of a similar dress

What photo should I upload first?

The first photo you upload will be the display image. Always upload the front of the dress first, followed by any other back, side or close up images.

Can I use images from designers or other professional photos?

Due to copyright you cannot use designer advertising imagery – the images you upload must be your own images. Copyright free images sourced online may be used.

How do I list multiple sizes?

If you own the same garment in multiple sizes, you are able to list multiple sizes for the same photograph. This item will come up in searches for all the sizes listed.

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed?

Our Closet’s platform exists to provide value to users by allowing users to tap into their under-utilized high-end designer clothes. Most designer dresses, outerwear, handbags, accessories and millinery are accepted so long as it meets the following criteria:

o Minimum RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is above £200
o The item is in excellent condition

– The below does not meet Our Closet’s listing criteria:

o Item has a RRP or sale price under £200
o Items in poor condition
o Items with noticeable stains, pulls or tears
o Item infringes on the copyright of any person including fake designer items

There is no limit to how many items you can list, so long as the above is adhered to. Please ensure that the description and sizing of the dress is accurate. Our Closet reserves the right to remove listings and/or deactivate or cancel a user’s account. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details.

How many items can I upload to Our Closet?

You can upload as many listings as you like.

What if I receive a try on request?

List a Try-On price – somewhere between £5 and £20.

How do I know when and where to post a dress?

After you have accepted a Booking Request, you can view all the details for the booking in Reservations – Lender on your Dashboard.

How do I pack my item?

Please pack your designer item carefully and securely. It is a good idea to keep a record of the tracking numbers in case of delay.

Is it possible to rent designer items all over the UK?

Yes – we are a national marketplace and you can borrow and lend designer items from all over the UK. As a user you must take into consideration the timing factor in relation to delivery times.

How carefully should I pack my items?

Please ensure that you pack any items carefully. It is important that garments are packed to reduce the risk of creasing.

How do I send items?

You must ensure the item Is delivered to the Borrower prior to the beginning of the rental period via a suitable means of delivery. You must use a method which provides tracking information and pass this on to the Borrower.

Our preferred delivery partner is CitySprint.

Need your rented dress or accessories delivered safely? We’ve got you covered. Realising how important your deliveries are to you is what makes us tick, that’s why with our GPS tracking and full audit trail you can track your dress every step of the way. With our nationwide coverage and market leading technology we’re the best people for the job.  Give our team a call to book your secure delivery and don’t forget your priority Our Closet account number.

For same day deliveries call 0207 880 1000

For UK Overnight deliveries call 020 7231 3131


What happens if somebody doesn't return my dress?

We send Borrowers a reminder email when your item is due back for return, so it is likely already on its way back to you.

If you would like to request confirmation that your dress is on its way back to you, we encourage you to contact your Borrower through Our Closet marketplace by sending them a message.

If you have attempted to contact the Borrower on multiple occasions with no success, contact

Remember we retain the credit card details for every Borrower to protect you and your items in this sort of rare situation.

Who is responsible for dry cleaning?

We recommend the Lender takes care of the cleaning of the designer item, that way you get the dress back quickly and can have quality control over the cleaning. We recommend the Lender includes the price of the dry-cleaning in the Rental Fee.

What happens if my dress gets damaged?

Our Closet will work with you to resolve disputes over damage. We always recommend that you take photos of items before you send them out to assist with this process.

Important – Please note: Our Closet does not take responsibility for loss or damage to items rented out via the website.  Our Closet simply provides the online marketplace for Users to rent their designer items to each other.  See our Terms of Service for more details.

What if there is a dispute between borrower and lender?

In the event of a dispute, Borrowers and Lenders must always first contact each other in good faith and with every intention of satisfactorily resolving the dispute with each other.

If a dispute cannot be resolved, either the Lender or Borrower must contact Our Closet within 48 hours of the dispute arising and provide details including when it first arose, evidence of the attempts to resolve the dispute and a description of the damage including photos of the damage.

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