How Our Closet Works

How Our Closet Works

As a Lender

Simply sign up for an account via Our Closet, list your item for rent, fill out as much detail as accurately as possible and use clear pictures – this will increase the chances of it being rented.

Either manage the item yourself, or send to us to manage on your behalf.

Once a borrower books you item, ensure it is available and can be delivered by the required date before accepting the booking. The rental fee will be transferred to your account minus a small commission paid to Our Closet.

Ensure the item is sent via a means which provides tracking details and requires a signature upon delivery, unless the Borrower opts to collect the item. Include return postage for the Borrower to return the item. back to you.

Don’t forget to review the borrower and your experience with them.

As a Borrower

Browse our extensive collection of designer pieces. Ensure you have signed up for an account with Our Closet, you will need to provide photo ID and proof of address so you can become a verified Borrower.

Book the item for the dates you require it. Once you receive and have worn your item, be sure to send it back to the lender within the required time frame.

Don’t forget to review the lender and your experience with them.

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