How to Rock Flat Shoes

For years, it was considered that if you wanted to look chic, you need to wear heels. Flats were only acceptable at the gym, going to the supermarket and at the beach. Women have been ‘suffering’ on heels for decades, especially in the 90’s when heels reached their ultimate high!

But the last few years we’ve noticed a major shift in the shoe world. Well known fashion designers have sent their models on the runway wearing trainers, sliders even flip flops.

So can we actually wear flats and look elegant and chic?


The midi skirt and trainers mix

Street style all over the world has leaded the way for this stylish combination. So don’t be afraid to style your most fashionable midi skirt with a simple pair of white trainers.




The ankle trousers and ballet pumps mix

For years, ballet pumps were considered very old school and out of style. Now most of the famous fashion bloggers style their ballet pumps with ankle trousers for an effortless gorgeous look.




The dress and ankle boots mix


This mix is already a classic and the most versatile one. You can match it with a biker jacket for a more rock style or you can try it with a boho blazer and a pair of cowboy boots which is the ultimate trend this season.


 The tailored pants and trainers mix

Not everyone can pull off this look but if you have a lean figure then this mix would be perfect for you. Just make sure that your trousers are tailored to perfection




The party dress and flats mix

A few years ago we would match our glamorous party dress with flats only if we would have sprained our ankle! But now wearing our amazing dress with some pointy flats (to make our legs look longer), we are ready for a fun night out. Choose your flats in a metallic colour to add more glamour to your look.

As for the dress, don’t worry. You can rent the most fabulous, luxury dress at at the fraction of the retail price. So now, you are ready to dazzle the town.


Let us know your favourite way to style flats in the comments below.


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