Introducing Elizabeth Grace Couture

We believe that the wedding gown should live BEYOND the wedding day.

Every design in our collection is designed to be Restyled, Reworn or Retailored, so our brides can wear a piece of their wedding day for the rest of their lives.

Established in 2015 by founder and designer, Elizabeth Grace, the brand was created after Elizabeth’s own struggles as a bride and the pressures of dress shopping to find “The One”. So she decided to design her own multifunctional gown that could transform into 3 different looks throughout her day and then be integrated into her wardrobe and worn again after her wedding. Ultimately, she created “The All in One” gown as opposed to “The Only One” gown.

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable bridal brand. We are trying to turn the mindset of the bridal industry away from this “one wear garment” mentality and design gowns that have a lifetime value rather than just a day.

Our customers become part of our movement whilst creating their own socially conscious modern day love story.

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