Leopard Print: 3 + 1 styling tips on how to wear the trend

For years, the leopard print was only for the bold. Well, not anymore.
This season, the leopard print dominates the runway, the high street and social media! So here are some styling tips on how to join the leopard tribe:

1. A touch of leopard

Even if you don’t feel like going all the way leopard, there are still ways to rock the trend by adding the fashionable print to your accessories. Try shoes, scarves and bags. And if you really want to stand out, why don’t you rent this amazing Christian Louboutin bag for a fraction of the price? No one will ever forget this bag.

2. Don’t be afraid of the leopard

Obviously we’re not talking about the animal, but this season you can dare to go fashionably wild and wear a leopard dress or even a leopard suit. While you’re going for the ‘all the way leopard’, try to balance it with more ‘quiet’ accessories. The metallic ones match perfectly with leopard and they’re still very on trend. And you can be the talk of the party if you rent this fabulous Givenchy dress (designed by Alexander McQueen) for an unbelievable price.

3. Dare  to be different

This season you can take it a step further and try different animal prints, different colours and different textures. The Zebra print is one of the alternative prints that are going strong this season. Also, there are a lot of variations of animal print. Some are very bold and some are more sophisticated, like this sexy light textured Augustine dress which you can rent at the fraction of the retail price.

4. Let’s get sassy and… Comfy!

Who says that we can’t be fashionable under the duvet? There’s no need to feel sloppy and deconstructed while we are chilling at home watching Netflix. Leopard print can make you feel a bit more sassy and why not sexy? So, don’t be afraid of the leopard! This trend is here to stay!

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