Say “Yes” to many dresses

As the Spring Racing Carnival winds down, the festive season begins. But if you have already worn all your frocks track side, how can you look like a queen without the financial backing of royalty? Rebecca Trattos spills the secrets of looking like royalty for a fraction of the price.

Renting an outfit is becoming the new little black dress to have in your wardrobe. You can grab a new outfit for every event, without racking up the credit card debt, or, perhaps most importantly, without the negative environmental impacts of fast fashion.

Harper’s Bazaar #TheLIST prophesies this holiday season’s look includes, lace, leather, tuxedos and sequins to name a few. Sass & Bide have you covered on the sequin front with their No Touching Embellished Flare Mini Dress, but the £385 price tag puts it out of reach for a fair few of us. Hiring your outfit for the office Christmas party suddenly makes so much sense! When you wear such a show-stopping piece as Sass & Bide or Self Portrait’s Fuchsia Tiered Mini Dress, it is difficult to wear it again without someone realising. Hiring allows you a new Self Portrait every Christmas party for a fraction of the price.

With all these new outfits cycling through your wardrobe you will definitely need some accessories. You can also hire them too with Our Closet! Renting a new clutch can take your outfit to a whole new level. Christian Louboutin creates some gorgeous purses that are just beyond the reach of the average person. Some may see his £1299 purses as an investment. But would you buy a car without test driving it? If you rent a Louboutin purse, you can test drive it before investing. Even better, however, is that most places who hire such pieces, have a buy option at a reduced rate to the retail price. Perfect.

Renting an outfit seems to solve so many fashion issues during the festive season, especially if you are pregnant. Being pregnant not only means miss out on the champagne and camembert, but dressing for a party becomes stressful! There are not too many brick and mortar maternity stores and looking online for that perfect piece quickly becomes overwhelming. So hire it! Why pay for an outfit that you potentially will never wear again?

Not only does renting your outfit make sense financially, it is also environmentally responsible. It is a shocking fact that 85% of the 27 kilograms of textiles the average Australian buys, gets sent to landfill annually. When we buy off the rack for seasonal parties most of us seem to settle for the cheaper option, because we know we will only wear it once or twice before disposing of it. Without contributing to landfill you can look hot at every Christmas function you attend, and hold your head a little higher, knowing you have done your part for the environment.

The downside to hiring your next outfit? Well, if you want something particular it might not be available or in your size. Additionally, you are responsible for any damage to the outfit, although Our Closet offers insurance. As long as you are aware, and read the terms and conditions carefully, you shouldn’t have a problem. Hiring an outfit for your next event makes so much sense, financially and environmentally. You really can shine at your next party, for a fraction of the cost.

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    Love this wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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    I’ve been looking for this for a very long time. I Finally Found It!

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