Season of Shimmer: Christmas Outfit Ideas

My flatmate is without a doubt, the most luminescent and glistening human I’ve ever laid eyes on. She somehow manages to create a cocktail of shimmer every day without it being over the top. I, on the other hand, am about as sparkly as a walnut. In fact, I’ve gone ahead and diagnosed myself with an irrational fear of colours, especially those that reflect light. And it seems that here in London, as festive season approaches and the days are getting darker, people’s desire to transform themselves into a Christmas bauble is intensified. Now, this little walnut wants to see what all the hype is about. I challenged myself to give this trend a go – just in time for Christmas!

I’m scared to be shiny…

These might be the cue to my fear!

If you’re scowling at the screen thinking I don’t need a statement piece – I am the statement (I’m also scared to be shiny but I don’t want to admit it) then take a deep breath. Baby steps. Start by removing any jewellery and just focusing on the one piece of metallic clothing. Try a black mid-length dress with silver brogues or metallic boots with frayed hem jeans and a basic tee. Add a little bit of shine to you night out with a metallic look clutch like our Lizard Envelope Clutch or the Gold Maxi Clutch. I found it easier to wear these pieces during the evening at the beginning. Give these a go and you never know, you might fall in love with your shiny pieces and actually wear them during the sunlight hours!

                                  More Sass! More Shine!

Mid-length sequined skirts are really versatile pieces

For those of you who already have an affinity for chasing shiny objects then I applaud you – not everybody is as courageous. If you find yourself dreaming of rolling down a hill of sparkles then it might be time for your shiny to spread to other items in your wardrobe.
Start simply with a dress or outfit with bits and pieces of shine, like our Serpentine Mini Dress or warm up with a silver metallic puffer jacket – think long floral dress with white trainers for a GEE-WHIZ outfit.

These Sequined Stripe Pants would work fantastically tucked into a black t-shirt with heels and throw a teddy jacket over if you get cold. Sequined or metallic skirts are super fun to play with, especially those with a bit of length. This 20’s Sequined Dress is also a fantastic shorter dress to layer with. Get dramatic by adding a long line coat or dress it down with knit jumper and tights. You’ll be chanting “More Sass! More Shine!” with my flatmate as you march towards the sun.

I sweat sequins!

There will be, of course, some of you out there who are reading this thinking “YAWN, I sweat sequins” as you gently caress the glitter on the back of your phone case.

The Brilliant Dress by Nataly Couture


If shimmer is your natural state then we have all your festive party dress needs covered! Gowns dripping in sparkles like this stunning Gold Sequin Dress or these beautiful pieces by Nataly Couture, will have you mistaken for a Christmas Angel. little different we have the Iridescent Disc Jumpsuit or the Striped Sequin Suit.
I mean you could always find yourself a silver metallic trench coat and pair it with anything really – from baby blue chiffon to silver metallic pants to make you into the High Couture RoboGirl you aspire to be.


Take a look at the full range of sparkling outfits for rent here! Let me know in the comments below what shimmery pieces you are loving this season and tag #ourclosetsaidso in your outfit selfies!

Transform yourself into a High Couture RoboGirl




Bye for now babes,
Bri xx


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