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Simonetta Sabo:

I have been designing professionally since 2013, although It has been the part of my whole life.
My granny’s sister was a seamstress and my grandpa’s brother had his own seamstress factory and many people from our family was working there. I remember standing next to my granny’s sister, watching her sewing and giving my designs to her to sew them at the age of 4! In kindergarten I was already the most stylish girl wearing my own designs. This is where it all stated.

When I was starting out in high school those ripped jeans came into fashion again. I remember how much I wanted to own a pair of those jeans, but they were just too expensive for us, therefore I started to experiment at home and started tearing my cheap jeans apart, dye them, bleach them, paint them and do all sorts of crazy things to get that dream pair of jeans. From that point on I hardly had any clothing, which were not altered and redesigned somehow. It was always clear to me that this is the path I am going to follow, I never had any doubts about it.

After graduating from an art specialised school, where I learnt as an artist painteur, I finished an NVQ course of Fashion and Styling in Hungary, meanwhile I spent a summer in the UK working for a fashion designer to get some more insights into the industry. After graduation I moved to London in 2012, where I got a job as a wedding dress maker, which allowed me to learn all the technical skills needed to create and sew luxury garments. I attended to several online courses and I had an Advanced Diploma from Fashion Designing.

Mostly I was learning everything by experience. I had a lot of unpaid assistant jobs to learn more and I was trying to do as many smaller fashion shows and photoshoots as I could. I jumped into the  business immediately and I learnt everything along the journey.

In 2012 I started working under a different name, called Poen De Szimiy, but later on in 2016 I changed it and started

using my own name, changing the whole concept of my fashion and started creating more affordable, fashionable and reachable designs for all the beautiful women out there. Slowly I started to have customers coming to me looking for that special one of a kind design, especially dresses, all made to measure to highlight their curves and beauty. I have customers of all shapes and sizes and I really proved that It doesn’t matter if you are a size 8 or 18, you can look like a real life Princess anytime, you just need to have that special dress tailored for your needs.

My designs are always very daring. Very extravagant, they have that new wave vibe. They are quirky,  interesting, meanwhile they are still wearable and very versatile. You can combine any of my crazy looks with a more simple clothing item and you get a ready to go daytime look.  They are also feminine and romantic. Nothing is simple, boring or cliché. They are all unique wearable art pieces.

Most of the times I got inspired by fabrics. I frequently do fabric shopping trips and If something catches my eyes I buy it immediately and I start it from there. I let the fabric to talk to me. Another weird way how I get inspirations is getting them from my dreams. May sounds strange but I do dream with dresses a lot of times, designs which I created in my dreams, and then when I wake up I need to sketch those designs quickly before I forget it.

My customer is the Modern-Day Princess, who wants some Uniqueness, Glamour, Fun and Lots of Sparkle in her Life. Feminine and non-traditional, a rule breaker, but still sophisticated on her own unique way.

I have my home studio ready for customers to visit me their to create their unique clothing item for them in Abbey Wood, London. As It is a location which is far for many people, I organise pop up shops around the town as often as I can.

My next Pop Up Shop will be held between the 8th April and 14th April at 199 Portobello road, London, W11 1LU. All of my designs will have a special discount price and I am also going to introduce my new Rainbow Collection. I am happy to meet anyone there to help you find your perfect outfit, or have a designer consultation or just have a chat about fashion. I will be In store on the 8th, 12th, 13th and 14th April 2019, so come and say hi 🙂

Check out all my pieces available to rent via Our Closet HERE

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