Thoughts from a Wedding Photographer on an Indoor Shoot

I used to think the best and only way to take bridal portraits was outside in the daylight. However after this editorial bridal shoot, I may have been converted.

I had a the privilege of working with a fantastic team and the luxury of time to try out multiple looks. With just one extra light source we were able to create this beautiful scene.

While I still love a photoshoot out in nature, I definitely won’t turn up my nose to an opportunity to shoot indoors again. The different atmosphere made for a new challenge that I ended up really loving.


Blog Reposted from with permission from the wonderfully talented Hannah Christine

The Team:

Photographer: Hannah Christine Photography

Wardrobe: Our Closet Designer Hire

Styling: Manthe Harrap

Florist: Nina Plumbley

Models: Serena Orsi, Bettina Mitkova, Gabriela Corsi

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