Top 6 Jackets For A Night Out This Winter

Hey Babes,

We were spoilt with the weather here in the UK this summer, however the chill is beginning to set in fast! And if you’re anything like me you’ll just want to curl up in bed and eat spoonful’s of Nutella. God forbid the moment someone dare ask ‘Should we go out tonight?’ and you momentarily consider throwing your spoon at them from your comfort of your cosy blanket fort. But, my loves, we shouldn’t be so quick to decline those invitations! Styling for winter doesn’t have to be a terrifying surrender to the cold – it’s an opportunity to play with layering different textures and being adventurous with colour.  If you’re stuck for ideas, try out these styles:

  1. Over-sized puffer jackets 

It seems to have been around forever, but it was only introduced as runway street wear by Balenciaga in 2016! This puffy friend is probably your grab and go jacket to pop down to the shops (and grab that Nutella I was talking about).  this wardrobe staple has potential not only as a warmth on a night out but as a statement piece.
Try a cropped bold colour jacket over a black slip dress paired with white trainers or heels for a day/night transition. If you’d prefer to stick with denim, play with little texture by wearing this with a high neck blouse, frayed ankle grazer jeans and low-cut boots. I do recommend going up a size so that you have room to layer underneath as well as creating an effortless ‘boyfriend’ effect.


2. Faux Fur Jackets

Who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury? Faux fur jackets are always on trend especially now as some major designers make the shift from real to faux.
Sheer dresses and skirts pair well with waist length jackets whereas longer heavier coats tend to drown what is beneath. I’d recommend a slip or skin-tight dress with the hem falling just below the knees if a longer fur coat is what you desire.
I like to finish my outfit with a fisherman’s cap for a bit of a 60’s spin (and it keeps my head warm – win win!)


3. Blazers

For those of us who like to keep their style crisp and minimal, blazers will be your best mate. Their sharp collars mean making the transition from blanket fort dweller to a smart, sexy woman really simple! Their versatility in length and style means it’s hard to compromise an outfit. You can always embrace the classic black tailored jacket with jeans and heels or a choose a longer style and throw it over a short statement dress or a mid-length skirt – try a pleated midi with silver Brouges. Feeling sexy? Blazer dress and sock boots!
If you have longer hair, tuck it behind your ears or wear it in a high pony. Having your hair out can make the outfit look a bit busy, whereas pushing it back highlights your majestic collarbones!



4. Large Knits

Still reluctant at leaving that blanket fort? That’s fine too. Usually seen as a daytime statement piece or ugly Christmas sweater, cosy knits can be paired with tapered trousers and heels or even tucked into a mid-length tulle or pleated skirt and paired with heels or heightened trainers. I personally love a large knit with a black leather skirt! However, do be mindful with balancing the outfit as knits can be heavy in style and pattern.

5. Leather Biker Jacket

Somewhere in the world, Avril Lavigne is spinning around blissfully in a leather biker and peach tulle skirt, as the punk rock princess she is, and I have a strong desire to join her (mainly because I am cold and spinning warms me up). So, if you feel like joining Avril and I, find yourself a tulle dress or skirt (any colour, pattern or length) and throw on black fitted leather jacket. Remember to keep any embellishments to a minimum with this outfit! If ballerinas aren’t your thing, biker jackets also work well over floral pieces, especially those with silk and sheer material or ruffles.


6. Capes

Yes, really. No witches’ capes here though. We are talking fairy-tale-esque – full length, intricately designed and tied in a bow around your neck. Imagine arriving at your event in your Uber, and have your cape regally taken from around your shoulders revealing your stunning rental dress. If that’s not he beginning of a modern day fairy tale, then I don’t know what is! You’d prefer to be a tracksuit princess? A cape will be your royal blankie and you can take it anywhere because #ourclosetsaidso.


I hope that’s given you enough inspiration to leave the warmth of your bed and embrace winter fashion! If you find yourself in need of a jacket or dresses, check out our styles to rent here. I’d also love to hear from you all – tell me your favourite winter style in the comments section below!

Bye for now babes,
Brianna xx


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