Using Fashion to Plant a Tree

We are so happy to introduce our latest designer offering rentals directly through our platform, Shopyte.

Created by Dovilė Šopytė, she describes her brand as “a fashion brand crafting elegant, classic clothing for women, who value quality, femininity, and sustainability.

When designing each collection, I see the unpredictable and dimensional city muse, moving through her day with grace and ease, at work, at play, with herself, with her family… She is comfortable within and has worked hard to be here.

I believe that less is more and so my brand does not follow short-term trends, on the contrary, it supports ethical fashion values and creates its garments using only the finest quality natural fabrics. Not only I want to attire for our clients but also, I wish to create a responsible community that cares about quality, sustainability, longevity. Because I believe that fashion can make you better inside as well as outside.

I create garments that I hope, give women more confidence and presence in their own, unique femininity!”

Shopyte is not only gorgeous and timeless, sustainability is also important.

“We think that most of you would agree that we live in a world full of extremes. One day we want something extravagant, something that would make us look like from another world, and the day after, after we are bored or tired of constant vanity fair, we are looking for something that would be natural and sustainable. Here is the keyword – sustainability – something that Shopyte has been talking about for some time now”.

Each purchased garment will mean one tree planted.

So if you want to test the waters and rent a gorgeous piece, browse here and if you want to go straight out and buy a piece, check out Shopyte’s store here.


Let us know in the comments below if sustainability is an important factor in picking brands you love?







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