We Have Your Dream New Years Eve Dress!


I see you’ve survived Christmas (and the shopping)!
And, you’ve probably found yourself sitting on the sofa counting how many days between Boxing Day and New Years Eve you have to get your sh*t together (its 3, I think) and then they disappear like the sugar on a mince pie! It doesn’t really leave much time to hit the shops and given the trauma of Christmas shopping, I’m going to give it to you straight – you’re better off to rent your dress!
Have a look for your occasion and get renting – there’s no time to lose!

“Oh God, it’s a themed party!”

Oh, go on!

Imagine the sweet smell of cherry tobacco twirling with musk and rose and tassels skimming across your legs as you twirl around and around to the sounds of a boozy jazz band.
It’s definitely not going to surprise me if the theme of your New Years Eve is the Roaring 20’s, and it just so happens we have the Ritz!

We’ve got a traditional flapper like the stunning white Sarah Dieradi dress or, if you’d like to remain on this side of the millennium the Thurley Foxtrot Dress has the perfect number of tassels. This gorgeous Chantilly Lace Dress would go beautifully with black strap stilettos and a silver head piece. You don’t have to wear a headband, ruffle your hair for some volume or curl the ends so that they cascade.

“If they’re looking at my dress, they won’t notice I haven’t shaved my legs”


It’s this kind of innovative thinking that get women ahead in life!
If your new year’s resolution is to love yourself more, why not start it off in the most outrageously sparkling dress of the evening. This Malina dress has sequins the same colours as the back feather of a drake. And no one has walked past that daddy duck swimming along in the pond without commenting how pretty his feather are. Embrace your inner duck – our leg hairs are practically plumage now anyway.

Some of you might be adrenaline junkies and live for the thrill of ‘will I get my jumpsuit off before I wee myself’. If that’s you, Nataly Couture has two beautiful jumpsuits – the Code d’Azure and the Black Shine, both crafted from Italian mesh. Remember to keep your shoes light – heavier styles will make you seem imbalanced and bottom-heavy.


“I don’t really want to go over the top, you know”

I do know. Luckily for you (and I) classic, minimal designs work for any occasion. Stunning fitted silhouettes like that of the Dolce & Gabbana Iconic Slip or the Sass & Bide My True Heart dress make for a classic look. Dress them up or down however you would like. I like to throw an over-sized bomber jacket for runaway princess chic.

Perhaps your new years resolution was to be more courageous, then have a look at this Self Portrait Black Lace Dress. It’s feminine and flattering while remaining slightly casual. My fashion aspiration is the Saylor Heloise Embellished Midi Dress, and while you might be thinking ‘but Brianna, it sparkles’, the length of the dress and the cut around the shoulders and back that make it an incredibly timeless dress.


“What does ‘Black Tie’ even mean?”

When I was about 8 years old, my best friends’ parents went to a black-tie event (that of course meant we had a sleepover), but it had all been rather confusing considering he had opted for deep burgundy bow tie. I now know that ‘black tie’ has many ‘artistic’ interpretations but for ease of understanding lets say its this:

Formal. Disney Princess. ‘My mother’s cousin is married to a Duke, we think’ type gown.

A traditional satin gown like this Blue Satin Dress by Adrianna Papell or this stunning floral design from Nataly Couture are great places to start. If the code is a slightly more relaxed, try this Monkey Print Dress by Roberto Cavalli. Or if it’s Hollywood that’s calling your name then slide into this red sequined Mermaid Dress also by Nataly Couture. It’s beautiful train and mesh cut-outs are sure to wow.

“Urgh I can’t wear stockings with a cocktail dress!”


It’s too cold for cocktail dresses, I understand. Just remember that unless you’re standing outside or in the lobby of the British Library, you’ll only have a few minutes to walk in the cold. And cocktail dresses do well with long faux fur coats or mid-length capes. I truly don’t need to say much here because these gorgeous dresses speak for themselves.


Self Portrait
Patchwork Mini Dress
Self Portrait
Asymmetrical Dress
For Love & Lemons
Gilded Star Mini Dress
Acler Aleita
Lace Dress
Nataly Couture
Princess Dress


















There is still time to rent a dress, just register as a borrower and marvel at the listed pieces.

Whatever it is your doing this New Years, be it champagne and frills or pizza and polyester, we hope you enjoy yourself and stay tuned for 2019. It’s going to be a good one!

Bri xx

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